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Welcome to JSD

We live and breathe interiors and everything about them.

And because we are so passionate about design, you can be sure that we will provide you with the most comprehensive design, that is designed just for you. Thats right - no social media trends, no quick to go out of style finishes. We make sure our designs are created to last.

We will take your design and create a 3D image, so you can see your dream space become a reality.

Interiors that bring joy

Interiors are as unique as each individual. At JSD, we will find your unique style and bring it life. Residential, commercial or hospitality - we will take the worry and stress away from your project.
Can commercial interiors please stop being so boring?!


Absolutely! At Jennie Shenton Designs, no design is sterile. It doesn't matter if your property is a public space or a private office, you do not have to compromise. No orange wood-effect laminate here! Think softness, colour psychology and clever space planning. Why settle for yet another boring fit-out?

Value for money, always

Interiors can be expensive to complete, from custom cabinetry to furnishings, finishings and those special touches. But an experienced interior designer, like JSD, will save you money. Do it once, do it right. And never worry about it again!
3D Imaging - it's the BEST


Oh how we love 3D imaging! Way back when we first started out, we drew these by hand. Monet, we are not! But now theres 3D imaging and its a game changer. We can show you what your space will look like before a single hammer or order is placed. How good is that?!

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