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Jennie Shenton - Interior Designer

Jennie has been a qualified and practising interior designer for 20 years, with a particular interest in residential design. She has become known for her amazing spacial awareness, ability to balance a variety of styles and her eclectic nature. Her clients love the ease in which she communicates, the accessibility of her designs and her ability to design with her clients budget in mind.

Jennie has recently included high profile commercial and community spaces to her portfolio and creates these spaces the with the same verve and passion she designs residential spaces. Her belief is, why should any space be boring, irrespective of the function?

Jennie's experience in designing award winning cabinetry, kitchens and bathrooms gives her the knowledge to help you with your next renovation.

Patrick the Spoodle , office manager, design assistant, all-round cuddle giver

Patrick is a young and ambitious design assistant, often turning up to work 2 days in a row!

With a zest for life, he greets everyone with love, whether they want said love or not.

Not yet capable of actually assisting in anything, Patrick is a constant mainstay around the office and ensures he alerts Jennie to incoming delivery people.

In his spare time, Patrick likes to nap on various soft furnishings, dig beds on beds, eat treats and talk to his best friend, Gus, across the road.

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